Upgrading LiveWhale

Upgrade steps:

  1. Upgrading your dev server
  2. Syncing recent content to dev for testing
  3. Making changes on dev if needed
  4. Performing the upgrade

3. Making changes on dev if needed

You may find that everything works great on dev and nothing needs updating – if so, that’s great, proceed to the final step!

However, you might find that certain customizations or theming on your site requires updating to work with the newest version. Developers comfortable editing HTML/CSS can likely make those changes in-house, but we’re happy to help with that testing or updates on a contract basis.

For example, LiveWhale 1.7.1 introduced Online Events capabilities that you may need to implement in your global theme.
Instructions for making those changes are here.

We recommend making a note of any files in /_ingredients or /livewhale/client/ that you change during this testing step. Then, you’ll know what theme files to copy to prod during your upgrade.

Not sure what to test on dev after your upgrade? We recommend:

  • Back-end
    • Adding/editing an event
    • Trying any new functionality you see in the Release Notes
    • Testing any custom functionality from your site’s backend.less/js or custom modules – not sure if you’ve got any? We can help.
  • Front-end
    • Clicking through day/week/month views
    • Opening an individual event
    • Testing any important widgets on your site

Next step: Performing the upgrade